Lavoisier cutting edges

All our knives are made in France.

Why Lavoisier’s name?

It is in homage to Antoine Lavoisier, French scientist of the eighteenth century and father of modern chemistry, that we chose this name.

Our manufacturing process incorporates the chemical principle of electropolishing, which has been used for a long time in the metallurgical industry, and which we apply to knife blades. Let’s take a closer look!

An electrolytic process

Our cutting edges are electrochemically sharpened and polished, which ensures precision machining of the micrometer order (one thousandth of a millimeter, or even 20 times as thin as a hair)!

This unparalleled precision gives Lavoisier knives an exceptional edge:

The Lavoisier cutting edge on a dry sausage

This polishing technique has earned its milestones by conquering the medical, agri-food and pharmaceutical industries. It is recognized as the only viable method for obtaining surface conditions free from any micro-holes where bacteria or parasites could be lodged!

Yes: in addition to an excellent cutting edge, electropolishing gives Lavoisier knives an impeccable surface condition on a micrometric scale, identical to those of surgical, pharmaceutical or food industry devices, in order to that no bacteria will survive a washing of your knife.

One more precaution for your health!

A few blades before laying the handle